About Us

Building the connection between the employee and the customer.

Why we exist

At Understood, our vision is to help employees and customers feel valued, appreciated and understood.

Everything we do is designed to deepen the connection between employees and customers – with the ultimate goal of a better experience for everyone.

Everyone is born with a desire to understand – and to be understood. Whether we’re 6 or 60, we want other people to “get” us. This core human need of understanding is what drives our behaviour – and in turn, our engagement.

And that’s why it’s key to business success. We need to understand our employees and customers – and they need to feel understood by us.

When employees feel connected to your organisation, they’ll give it their all. When you show your customers you really understand them, they’ll be your biggest fans.

The Understood Experience

The Understood Experience is Effortless, Valuable and Emotional.

Our three key themes create better experiences for customers and employees.

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Our Approach

Our approach is investigative and consultative: we review; we interview; we listen; we understand. We gain a clear picture of an organisation’s current customer and employee experience. Our compelling, tailor-made training content gets results because it’s real, relevant and impactful.


We begin by getting to grips with your organisation, your challenges and your objectives. We hear from you, your customers and your employees – and we read every bit of insight you throw at us!


We infuse our design with your reality, constructing every component carefully. We mix up lively interaction, stimulating discussion, live actors, engaging film and audio, and time for consolidation and self-reflection.


We consult with you to devise a successful communications strategy: for example, the creation of an internal brand to give your programme identity, establishing a network of programme advocates and the use of enterprise social media platforms.


We have a network of Understood consultants who deliver our training. We pick the right facilitators for your organisation and we meticulously prepare them to deliver. Or we can train up your trainers to do the job. The choice is yours.


We work with you to keep the learning alive in your organisation through targeted management training, digital learning content, support with recruitment and induction, creation of Values in Action…and more!

Examples of Our Resources

Our Values

Every piece of work we do is different, but we have four key beliefs that we stick to, to make sure we deliver the best:

Make It Real

If it looks phony or a box-ticking exercise, it’s not going to go down well. We spend time understanding what matters to employees and customers.


If you want employees to dazzle customers, you’ve got to dazzle them. We obsess about delivering something that will knock their socks off.


Put your people first: employees and customers, in that order. If it’s personal to them, it means you care. And they’ll care too.


A top-notch training event can inspire people to think, feel and behave differently. But for how long? It won’t last forever without regular TLC.

Our Team