Customer centricity

“The greatest barrier to customer centricity is the lack of a customer-centric organisational culture. A company must have leaders who deliberately cultivate the necessary mindset and values in their employees.”

Harvard Business Review, Oct 2018

What it is

Organisations often refer to themselves as “customer-centric”. But what does it really mean to put customers at the centre?

  • Considering the customer in every decision-making process across all business functions
  • Using up-to-date customer insight  (e.g. from Voice of the Customer) to take actions
  • Creating and enhancing customer value at every step of the Customer Journey
  • Engaging employees effectively so that they empathise with customers and can better service their needs
  • Implementing an operating and governance model that supports a customer-centric strategy (so that the customer is at the heart of all business decisions)

It’s about making customer centricity a real mission – and not just paying lip service to it. And part of this is ensuring that business leaders are authentically customer-centric. 

Why it’s important

If organisations adopt a truly customer-centric mindset, the experience for the customer will be easier and more enjoyable. Customers of today have greater choice and higher expectations than ever before. If a company doesn’t fulfil a customer’s needs, the customer will go elsewhere, and they’re likely to spread the bad news too!

How we can help

We can advise you on how to make a greater shift in mindset towards customer centricity. During the UNDERSTAND phase of our approach, we’ll assess where you’re currently at in terms of customer focus. And, we’ll find out how customer centric your front-line teams are. Are they really “thinking customer” every step of the way? And if not, why not?

We’ll use this insight to shape your customer experience strategy and build bespoke training programmes for your employees.

Top tip

One of the critical skills involved in customer centricity is understanding your customer. The customer is constantly evolving, therefore the efforts to understand your customer need to be dynamic and ongoing. Technology, such as Voice of the Customer platforms can play an effective role in capturing insight and innovation from your customers.