Our consultancy services

Great customer and employee experiences don’t just happen. Extensive insight and analysis, meticulous planning and effective implementation are needed. We can support you with the creation and development of your customer experience and employee engagement strategies, putting actionable plans in place to ensure that across all touchpoints, your customers and employees have positive and meaningful experiences.

Below are key elements in developing a great customer – and employee – experience. Find out how we can support you to deliver each one.

Voice of the Customer

Understanding what your customers care about the most

Customer Journey mapping

Examining and improving every customer touchpoint and interaction

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Helping your employees to feel more included - and your customers more understood

Values in Action

Making your brand values mean something to your employees (and your customers)

Employee engagement & experience

Arming and inspiring your employees to deliver to your customers

Comms Strategy

Using language with clarity and personality

Customer centricity

What it actually means to put the customer first

Why customer experience matters

“Customer experience is not a technology problem—it’s a culture problem. Focusing on customer experience management may be the single most important investment a brand can make in today’s competitive business climate. Companies that invest in customer experience boast a higher stock price and higher total returns .”

(Forbes, July 2018)

What it is

  • Every interaction an individual has with your business and its products / services
  • How people feel about your company overall – their emotional and psychological connection with your brand 

But it’s not the same as customer service.

Customer service describes the interactions a customer has when asking for advice or getting help with a product / service.

What it involves

Customer experience covers the following:

  1. Design & functionality: how your product / service works
  2. Brand perception: the feelings your brand creates for your customer
  3. Customer service: the points at which your customers interact with you to get help

“What we actually buy is the experience, not just the product or service. The customer experience is all encompassing, and emerges from the work of many distinct disciplines.” 

(Matt Watkinson, The 10 Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences)


Why it matters

“Customer experience is not a technology problem—it’s a culture problem.” (Robert Tas)

Customers expect and demand much more than they’ve ever done before. Those companies who prioritise the customer experience stand out from the competition. And those who do it really well do it through their people.

So make your employees your top priority and your customers will feel the benefits.