28 Jul 2023

Become a master motivator, influencer and communicator in the workplace

Effective communication is essential for building solid relationships, setting expectations, and working through conflicts. Becoming a master communicator is the key to success in the workplace. 

Based on the book Mastering Communication at Work: How to Lead, Manage, and Influence by Ethan F. Becker and Jon Wortmann, we’ll share some key lessons to help you become a master communicator at work.

What does good communication involve?

Good communication isn’t limited to verbal or written exchanges between people; it includes:

  • Body language
  • Listening (actively)
  • Responding (appropriately)
  • A huge dose of emotional intelligence. You need to understand how emotions impact interactions, and how to manage your feelings when communicating with others

What are main factors motivating people at work? 

Every member of your team is unique. They have different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. This means that each person you work with will be motivated differently. To get the best out of someone, you need to understand what drives them.

Let’s look at three key motivation factors:

  1. ETHOS. Some people love doing the right thing because it feels good. So use this intrinsic motivation to keep them engaged and focussed on achieving success.
  2. EMOTION. Others ride the emotion train—passion, joy, anger, you name it. To get the most out of your team members, tap into these emotions as much as possible. Encourage open dialogue about how people feel about projects or tasks so that you can understand what makes them tick and use that knowledge to motivate them further. 
  3. LOGIC. Some people are all about logical reasoning, like hitting deadlines or earning performance-based rewards. Setting analytical goals gives people something tangible they can strive towards, which can help fuel their drive toward success.

What do the best communicators do?

Communication is crucial for any leader, but not all communication is created equal. To be a truly effective communicator, you must also be a master of validation. Validation is all about showing appreciation for someone’s work and making them feel valued. When people know they matter, trust and motivation soar. Create an open and safe space for ideas, and your team will thrive together.

Validation is critical because it helps build trust in your relationship with your team members. When people feel validated, they are more likely to be motivated and engaged in their work. It also helps create a psychologically safe environment. Somewhere everyone feels comfortable speaking up and sharing their ideas without fear of criticism or judgement; this can lead to better collaboration and a healthier dynamic within your team.

Two key takeaways for leading, managing and influencing your team…

  1. Understand & Motivate. Take time to understand what motivates each team member. Ethos? Emotion? Logic?
  2. Appreciate & Validate. Be authentically appreciative for the work they do and who they are.

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