15 May 2024

Power up the senses: A multi-sensory customer experience at a yoga studio

When creating a great customer experience, how much consideration do you give to the five senses?

Do you think about sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste?

Each sense offers many opportunities to delight your customers…

In a previous blog post, we shared ten top tips for creating great customer experiences (inspired by Matt Watkinson’s bestseller The Ten Principles Behind Great Customer Experiences). 

To refresh your memory, here they are again:

  1. Reflect the customer’s identity
  2. Satisfy the customer’s objectives
  3. Leave nothing to chance
  4. Set and then meet expectations
  5. Make it easy
  6. Remove stress
  7. Power up the senses
  8. Engage on a social level
  9. Put the customer in control
  10. Consider the emotions

I often consider how these principles apply to my personal experiences as a customer. And “power up the senses” is one that really resonates with me…

Most days of the week I’m a customer at the Yoganand Studio in Bristol. I could share countless glowing examples of how they apply these principles. But it’s their passion for creating a multi-sensory experience that keeps me coming back for more.


Let’s delve into how they power up each of the five senses to create an unforgettable customer experience.

Sight: Easy on the Eyes

First impressions are typically formed by what we see. The visual appeal of a brand sets the tone for the entire customer experience. And my yoga studio nails this right from the start. Their social media and signage ooze sophistication and serenity. Stepping into the studio, you’re immediately cocooned by four sleek black walls. Far from oppressive, this design creates a sense of seclusion, helping you forget the outside world and stay present.

The studio is a visual delight, with rows of black mats lined up meticulously, complemented by vibrant yellow blankets and cobalt blue bolsters. Calming candles are scattered around, while projector lights cast starry skies on the walls and ceilings.

Sound: Melodies that Move You

At Yoganand, they blend music into the sessions perfectly. The playlists are carefully curated to sync with the class choreography. Tempos rise and fall in tune with our movements.

It’s well known that music has the power to affect the way we think, feel, and behave. In this yoga studio, if I’m low on energy, the music lifts me; if I’m anxious, it calms me.

Breathing is the heart of yoga, and the collective sound of Ujjayi breath from 20 yogis is like rhythmic waves crashing. The teachers guide our breathing, creating a collective, powerful energy in the room that takes the experience to a whole new level.

Smell: Scents of Serenity

Smell is the most evocative of the five senses, capable of triggering powerful emotions and memories.

Jade, the studio owner, has always understood the power of scent. Back when I used to attend her classes in church halls or community centres, she would always carry a bottle of aromatic spray and fill the room with soothing scents.

And now at the studio, incense and room sprays fill the air with those same calming scents. Each time I head downstairs to the studio and catch that familiar aroma, I instantly start to unwind.

Touch: The Comfort of Connection

Touch is the most intimate of the senses, and Yoganand incorporates it thoughtfully. Instructors ask for consent before offering hands-on adjustments, making sure everyone feels comfortable. And some classes even end with a heavenly head massage during Shavasana.

Touch is something that features throughout our yoga practice. Instructors gently remind us to feel the mat beneath our feet and to connect deeply with our bodies. Focusing on touch is a wonderful way to ‘get out of your head’ and into your body.

Taste: A Treat for Taste Buds

And finally, let’s talk about ‘taste’. Because a ‘dynamic flow’ on a Saturday morning really gets your taste buds going! And luckily, right above the studio, the brilliant Juice Jar offers delicious and healthy smoothies and juices, and yummy toasties and Acai Bowls. What better way to end your experience?

Creating a Multi-Sensory Customer Experience

Yoganand’s talent and passion for ‘powering up the senses’ is key part of their ability to deliver a great customer experience. By blending sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste, they create a complete experience that really connects with their customers. This sensory focus goes beyond expectations, building loyalty and making each visit unforgettable.

If you’re looking to improve your customer experience, consider how your customer’s senses are engaged at every step of their journey. By creating a multi-sensory experience, you can turn ordinary interactions into extraordinary moments, touching both hearts and minds, and building deeper connections with your customers.

Putting principles into practice is the hard bit. Talk to us today about how we can help you deliver great customer experiences.