15 Jun 2019

Eight energising ways of inspiring your employees to embody your values

Our organisation’s values can be its most important asset. In our previous blog post we discussed how values can ultimately shape the destiny of our organisation. 

Let’s say we’ve come up with some amazing brand values. We’ve chosen words or phrases that really sum up who we are and what we’re all about. So now what? Do we just tell our employees what our values are and expect them to “do” or “be” those things? 

Er no…unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Half a dozen words in branded font won’t automatically create the consistent behaviour we want to see!

Yes, we can definitely recruit according to our values and select the type of person that we’d like as a representation of our brand. But we can’t just assume that long-standing employees or even our new recruits will adopt our values, every minute of every day. We need to guide them, support them, remind them and enthuse them. 

Here are our eight energising ways of inspiring your employees to embody your values:

    1. CO-CREATE. Work together on your values with the people who you’re expecting to adopt them. Get your employees involved in selecting your brand values. If your values already exist, why not enlist your employees’ help with defining what those brand values mean? Hold workshops with a cross-section of your employees or tap into their creativity digitally using a business social media platform. 
    2. ACTIVATE. Translate your values into actions. With descriptive, tangible and meaningful day-to-day behaviours your values will thrive across your organisation. 
    3. EDUCATE. Incorporate your values into every element of training. They provide the “why” behind what you do and will drive purpose into your training.
    4. LEAD. If your C-Suite live and breathe your values, this will create a positive culture that will trickle down to your front-line – and your customers will feel the benefit.
    5. COMMUNICATE. Your values need to be part of the furniture. A multi-channelled comms strategy will help. Whenever possible, share your message by piggy-backing onto your values. Ensure your tone of voice is aligned with your values.
    6. MEASURE. Interview and recruit in line with your values; measure performance and deliver feedback in relation to your values; ask your customers to assess you against your values.
    7. CHAMPION. Establish a network of individuals to act as positive promoters of your values. Choose a cross-section of your employees to ensure that your organisation is infused with valuable behaviour! Train your champions to deliver on-the-spot feedback when they witness values in action.
    8. RECOGNISE. Set up an employee recognition scheme to honour those who are authentic brand ambassadors. Celebrate your values in action whenever possible.

Lots of suggestions which we hope will add value 🙂 Make sure you mix it up and keep it fresh and fun to avoid value fatigue! We’d love to hear about your organisation’s values and how you keep them alive and kicking!