“To truly facilitate learning for others, trainers must understand them first; learning comes after that. Success happens because you understand others.”
- Elaine Biech: The Art and Science of Training
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The What & The Why

The quality of your training content is critical, but it’s the quality (and qualities) of the trainer that can make or break the learner’s experience.

A top-notch trainer:

  • Is self-aware, reflective and empathetic
  • Is a captivating presenter
  • Builds meaningful connections with their audience
  • Remains unflappable under pressure
  • Manages their time (and their energy levels)
  • Reads the room intuitively and deals effectively with challenges
  • Enables learning through challenge, involvement and action

Our “Trainer Transformation” masterclass will put your trainers through their paces. We’ll help your trainers to harness their strengths, and to reflect and learn from their practice. We’ll cover multiple skills and competencies involved in training delivery, taking your trainers’ ability and confidence to a new level.


The Verdict

"Need to upskill or develop your trainers? Highly recommend this programme. You won't regret it. Our team who have just completed the course are raving about it. They all learnt a great deal and were really engaged and enthused. So insightful, professional and meaningful. Top job from the Understood team 👏 Thank you 😊"
- HR Director, SPS
"A course I’ll never forget. Learned loads. Both instructors were brilliant!"
- Course attendee
"A well-constructed, professional course with the material to reflect and research."
- Course attendee
"There were NO parts of the course I wasn’t keen on. It was all brilliant."
- Course attendee