“Great customer experience is all about consistency – making it happen at every interaction. It’s about training the mind and muscle to react perfectly and instinctually to any situation that may occur.”
- Roy A. Barnes, Customer Experience 365
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The What & The Why

‘Front-line’, customer-facing employees have some of the toughest jobs in the business (irregular shift patterns, low pay, monotonous tasks). They report the highest rates of disengagement, leading to productivity problems and challenges to recruit and retain.

Yet these individuals are arguably your organisation’s biggest asset and differentiator. They are the face of your brand. And they can make or break a customer’s experience.

At Understood, we believe that employees need a deeper understanding of themselves and of others to cope with the demands of today’s customers. Skills such as self-awareness, emotional intelligence, empathy, confidence and resilience are critical for 21st-century employees.

Critical Connections Core is an intensive and engaging four-part training programme, designed to upskill and energise your customer-facing employees. Empower your employees by equipping them with the competence and confidence to deliver great service to each and every customer, every single day.

And your managers and supervisors? Take a look at our Critical Connections Influencer programme for more details of how we can support this critical population.


The Verdict

"Great course, gave me an opportunity to better understand how to deal with my customers."
- Attendee
"I learnt things I never knew, and behavioural skills for the future."
- Attendee
"The course is slick and professional but produced with both the company and the end user in mind – I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Understood to any business looking to engage employees and drive cultural change."
- Head of L&D, First Bus