“89% of customers say they would return after a positive customer service interaction. ”
- Salesforce Research
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The What & The Why

Customer service is an emotional business – for both customers and employees. This course shines a spotlight on the range of emotions at play: impatience, irritation, frustration…as well as delight, relief and excitement.

This course will help your employees to:

  • Understand the customer journey and the emotional ‘hotspots’
  • Develop empathy and understanding of customers and their needs
  • Read the customer accurately, right from the first impression
  • Manage the interaction, in order to deliver the right experience
  • Connect with the customer at a ‘human’ level

We bring the reality of the customer experience into the classroom – using film to capture typical customer-employee  interactions. To bring to life examples of great (and not-so-great) customer service in action, we script and produce a series of short films, inspired by real workplace scenarios. These engaging videos are bespoke to your organisation, and are made to reflect your employees’ reality.

The films complement the training course by:

  • Provoking lively debate and discussion in the classroom
  • Creating numerous ‘Aha!’ moments, which ultimately increase self-awareness and levels of emotional intelligence
  • Providing a ‘window into the world’ of the customer
  • Inspiring people to see themselves as an integral part of the customer experience
  • Staying in the memories of participants, long after the course.

This is not just another customer service training course. This is training that really gets under the skin of an organisation – training that creates emotional impact, and drives long-lasting behaviour change.


The Verdict

"Love the videos! Feel each of our hospitality employees should see these as well as all new hires."
- White & Case Office Manager
"Really enjoyed the videos and discussing how our emotion can impact not just the call but the customer’s entire day "
- First Bus Contact Centre Advisor
"Videos are amazing! Watching the same video and dissecting it from different perspectives was very useful."
- White & Case Receptionist
"I loved the materials for the course. The videos are amazing, great that it was filmed here at our Contact Centre"
- First Bus Contact Centre Advisor