“Despite all the great technical innovation out there, passengers are telling us that it’s still the bus driver that can make or break their journey experience.”
- David Sidebottom, Transport Focus
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The What & The Why

Your drivers are the face of your organisation. They reflect your brand, service and values. They’re on the front-line, aka the ’firing-line’. You need to empower them with the right skills and knowledge.

It’s a legal requirement that bus drivers complete 35 hours of training every five years. A seven-hour CPC course is an opportunity to engage your drivers, instilling them with pride and purpose about the critical role they play.

Our Driving Force programme of five driver CPC courses tackles the issues that shape the customer (and the driver) experience. Its coherent content will enlighten, inform and inspire. The programme is a perfect blend of ready-made core content, covering EQ and communication skills, as well as essential safety and technical topics. But we tailor it to your organisation – to reflect your values, your customers and your drivers.

Our aim is to create resilient, emotionally-intelligent colleagues: engaged drivers who communicate compassionately with the customer – and with each other. 

We recommend you also invest in upskilling your supervisors and controllers too – they have a huge influence on driver behaviour and engagement. Take a look at our Driving Force Influencer programme for more details.


The Verdict

"A very entertaining and enjoyable course. I loved everything – from start to finish."
"Well presented, inspired me with confidence. As always, very professional and helpful."
"Your instructor guides are excellent and the presenters were engaging."