“Every circumstance in which we try to move others, by definition involves another human being. Yet in the name of professionalism, we often neglect the human element.”
- Daniel H. Pink, To Sell Is Human
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The What & The Why

Selling successfully to today’s customers means selling Human-to-Human (H2H).

We talk about ‘B2B’ and ‘B2C’ sales and selling. But in today’s digital and fast-paced world, we often overlook the fact that we’re dealing with other ‘real’ human beings. We forget to ‘be human’ in our interactions with others.

Yet those who sell successfully are those who build meaningful relationships with their customers.

The H2H Sales Experience is an intensive training programme for your sales employees. Built around the three critical components of customer experience (Value, Emotion and Effort), The H2H Sales Experience will equip your front-line with:

  • A positive mindset towards the customer, the product and their role in the sales experience
  • Greater awareness of themselves and others, and the aptitude to connect authentically and emotionally with the customer
  • An increased understanding of the customer’s needs, coupled with a powerful ability to influence with integrity


The Verdict

"A very entertaining and enjoyable course. I loved everything – from start to finish."
"Such fantastic feedback from everyone who has attended 👏 Everything is so well thought out, relevant, professional and fantastic quality. Just brilliant 😊"