Sharing human health stories on film

Mental & physical health challenges confronted

Client: First Bus

The Brief

First Bus realised that employee health and wellbeing was a significant concern. A recent internal survey highlighted that both physical and mental health challenges were common among drivers. Absenteeism was problematic, as were an increasing number of collisions – often brought on by stress and fatigue. We were asked to deliver filmed content to support a driver training course. The goal was to improve employees’ understanding of – and empathy towards – common health challenges.

Our Solution

We selected six drivers to share their experiences on film. Each had a compelling story to share about a significant mental or physical health challenge. We covered topics such as weight loss, exercise, stress, the impact of shift work, anxiety, loneliness and suicidal thoughts. These 3-minute films were filmed at drivers’ homes and at work, providing the viewer with a window into their world, and bringing to life the challenges they faced. 

Have a look at the short film for a flavour of what we created:

The Result

  • Sharing human stories on film was a great way of engaging the audience during the 7-hour training course
  • Many watching struggled with similar health issues; they identified with the issues on screen and felt reassured that they weren’t alone
  • Each video culminated in a positive outcome with tips and suggestions – to inspire the viewer to make a change
  • Others who watched developed greater empathy with colleagues suffering from poor physical or mental health – often invisible conditions

“My favourite part of the course was the videos and seeing real stories. They were an eye opener. It was interesting to see how other drivers work their lifestyle around their job.” – Course Attendee

“Discussing mental health within the bus industry has been a massive turning point.” – Casper Carr, Trainer

“Drivers have opened up about health challenges they’ve been hiding for years.” – Jason Tilsley, Trainer

Listening to 'Jim' on the video, the drivers could really relate to the issues he raised. It's important that people can connect to content. The videos are hard hitting and deeply impact those watching.

- Josie Radley, Trainer, First West Yorkshire -

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